P90X2 is not P90X harder. It’s P90X different.

By Chad, 1 September, 2011

P90X MC2 (P90X2) pre-order is open to coaches and Teambeachbody customers from September 1st to September 5th.

Tony Horton has been discussing P90X2 and the following is a summary of what he said during a P90X2 Breakfast call.

Tony says that “P90X2 is not P90X harder. It’s P90X different.” P90X has been out for around 7 years now. They took a year before creating P90X to do research. They didn’t even think that P90X would sell! It was different than everything else out there. And they are at 3.5 million sold now. After feedback over the last 7 years from coaches and customers of P90X, the next level is not a cardio DVD, but interval workouts. 

“Indoor training for the outside world.”

You’ll be able to run faster, jump higher, and improve your knee and hip joints.

Like anything new, and especially extreme, it will initially be harder when starting. The only way to improve is by doing something close to impossible, in fact, Tony says that there is a push-up that is called The Impossible. “You do not get better by doing things that are easy.” But don’t let that scare you away, just like P90X, there is a modified version of every exercise. There is one person in every workout that is doing the modified version. It’s also designed for people that travel in that regard.

How many days a week is P90X2?

Tony says, the neat thing about P90X2 is that it’s a 5 day and not a 6 day program. Why 5 days? It taxes the body to the point where you need an extra day off! It’s very strenuous. Also, it allows you to go out on the weekends to do the things, like kayaking, that it shows you how to do better during exercises in the workouts.

How fit do I need to be for P90X2?

Warning: You cannot come into P90X2 out of shape! Tony says that you need to have a solid base of fitness, using P90X, P90, or other Beachbody products.  With P90X, even if you have a lot of weight to lose, you can modify and “play smart” to lose weight. You can get into great shape with P90X. Some may ask, “Why do I need P90X2”.

As Tony frequently will say, it’s “Indoor training for the outside world.”

“You’ll feel like you’ve ran a marathon”.

The main focus is to help people become faster, stronger, more stable, more athletic.

How is it different from P90X?

Well, for one thing, the P90X2 workouts are about as long as P90X or a tad bit shorter. If you are a P90X fan, you know that Yoga Thursday’s are the longest days at 90 minutes. P90X2 Yoga is around 63 minutes!

What is the minimum needed?

According to Tony: The minimum equipment is gravity, your body, a chair, the floor, towel, and bands (available from Beachbody).

If you do not have much room, you can still do P90X2. You can still use the stability ball, or put your feet on a chair, or just one foot up on a chair.

One question asked, was if you need weighted bars? No, you do not. They are in some of the DVDs, but they are light weight, only a pound or two. Tony says that the bars are only there to increase your range of motion and to help keep your form correct. If you have a broom, the handle will work just as well.

“It makes you feel like a kid again.”

Key Learning from P90X to P90X2

For Tony, the key learning from P90X to P90X2, was that it takes you to the next level. He says, “It connects all of your body parts. That you feel solid and connected. “It makes you feel like a kid again.” It makes your body flexible and durable. Instead of just working parts, shoulders and arms, you are working multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Carl was also on the call and said that Tony giggles when talking about doing bicep curls while in warrior 3. I don’t know about you, but that sounds crazy!

Tony says it’s incredible how regular folks can change their fitness and look and feel so good, how they can change their lives.  Thats who P90X2 is for. You may barely be able to do an exercise the first 10 times you do it… but it works your body so good that you want to get better at it. He says that, it forces you to improve over the course of time.

What are Complexes?

He also talks about Complexes. A series of exercises to increase speed, strength, or flexibility that try to work on the weaknesses in athletes.There are two of these types of workouts in P90X2. A lower and upper body workout. There may be no cardio, but after these workouts, Tony says, that “you’ll feel like you’ve ran a marathon”.

For P90X2, they use the cutting edge of science and the best minds in fitness to create these routines for you.

It’s not just about losing weight either. Nutrition is important for your health (just look at Shakeology).

“This is a completely new fitness program that is going to blow you away. “

The Crisis

We are in a obesity crisis. Tony says people are losing their desire to live outside their comfort zones. Beachbody is showing people they can be a whole lot better than they were before.

Why Tony Horton?

Carl was also on the call and talked about how lucky they were to have Tony, “He has a special talent that others just can’t compete with.” Carl said that Tony makes it fun. You want to know what he is going to say next. You feel like you are working out with him compared to other work out videos in the market.

What does the CEO have to say?

P90X is the most famous workout in the history of fitness. P90X is everywhere. And now, we have P90X2. “This is going to be the hottest workout for the Holidays.”, says Carl.

A lot of people will want to do this at the beginning of 2012 for the New Year. If you don’t pre-order, there is no guarantee that you will be able to get it for 2012. Beachbody expects to sell out of the pre-order stock quickly.

Think about what you want for Christmas. By the time you start thinking about it in November, it may be too late and the initial inventory will be sold out.

Since it’s not out for 4 months, you can start other programs, P90, P90X, etc. to get in shape for when your copy of P90X2 arrives. View All Beachbody Products.

“This is a completely new fitness program that is going to blow you away. “ - Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody

Pre-order P90X MC2 HERE to get it before the Holidays.

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