P90x3 is HERE!

Submitted by Chad on Tue, 12/10/2013 - 19:00

P90X3 is now available! Free shipping until 12/31. Order by 12/15 11:59 PM to guarantee delivery by 12/25. Also from 12/10/13 through 12/31/13 if you purchase through us you will receive a free P90X3 hat. 

P90X3 is a 90 day program, split into 3 Blocks. Blocks 1 & 2 each consist of 4 weeks, while Block 3 lasts 5 weeks.

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T25 Fast Track Week 1 and Meal Plan

Submitted by Chad on Mon, 09/09/2013 - 08:22

My T25 Fast Track week wrapped up with me jotting down my calories burned for Alpha Cardio. I had already weighed myself that morning and the results were happily received. I've been doing P90 Phase 1-2 for the past couple of months and had stalled on my weight loss. So the 7.2 pounds I lost in only one week of T25 was awesome! Of course I was eating only 1100 calories a day (probably closer to 1300). This week I'll be eating upwards of 1600 calories a day.


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Shakeology Price Increase

Submitted by Chad on Fri, 03/22/2013 - 00:00

The retail price of Chocolate and Greenberry Shakeology is going up $10.00 on April 1, 2013. If you sign up for Chocolate or Greenberry on Home Direct before April 1st, you are guaranteed to lock in the original $119.95 (plus s&h and applicable tax) price for life, so long as you do not cancel your original Chocolate or Greenberry Shakeology Home Direct order billed to your current credit card.


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Second Insanity Fit Test

Submitted by Chad on Thu, 01/17/2013 - 08:30

I have survived another year! I turn 33 today. Today also marks the beginning of my third week of Insanity. I have completed this workout before on a couple of occasions, the last time was before I married in 2010. Last year I had health issues with Bronchitis for three months, Vestibular neuronitis, and excuses. Now I have a new reason to be healthy and fit. We are expecting at the end of June! From everything I have heard and read, Baby will be a handful and require a lot of energy. Hence, Insanity.


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Muscles in a Tub: A Beachbody Creatine FAQ

Submitted by Chad on Tue, 07/03/2012 - 00:00

Creatine may be one of the most popular sports nutrition supplements of all time, but it's also one of the most controversial. Everyone and their brother has an opinion about how, when, why, and where to take the stuff—if you should take it at all. But given opinions are like glutei maximi (everybody has one), let's dispense with the jibber jabber and look instead to real scientific facts behind the supplement. Ever since it spiked in popularity in the early 1990s, creatine has become the most researched sports nutrition supplement in history. Here's what's been discovered.


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P90X2 - Power 90X2 Extreme Training System

P90X2® is no ordinary sequel.

The result of two years of R&D conducted by a team of the most qualified experts in fitness, this is training so cutting edge, so outrageously effective, you'll be blown away by your visible results. AND your performance.

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Tai Cheng Workout

Submitted by Chad on Fri, 03/16/2012 - 00:00

Just a heads up folks, "currently being tested and filmed, Tai Cheng is Beachbody's newest and perhaps most comprehensive fitness program. Based on the movements, concepts, and theories of traditional Yang style Tai-Chi, the Beachbody Tai Cheng workout program is named after its creator, Dr. Mark Cheng. The Mandarin Chinese translation of Tai Cheng (as we've conceived of it here at Beachbody) is the "Supreme Accomplishment" in whole body health.

Look for more exciting details and the upcoming release date so you can experience Tai Cheng in your own home!

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