T25 Fast Track Week 1 and Meal Plan

Submitted by Chad on Mon, 09/09/2013 - 08:22

My T25 Fast Track week wrapped up with me jotting down my calories burned for Alpha Cardio. I had already weighed myself that morning and the results were happily received. I've been doing P90 Phase 1-2 for the past couple of months and had stalled on my weight loss. So the 7.2 pounds I lost in only one week of T25 was awesome! Of course I was eating only 1100 calories a day (probably closer to 1300). This week I'll be eating upwards of 1600 calories a day.

The workouts are intense, very much like insanity with but less impactful on the joints. They also have a dedicated person in the workout videos that only does alternate moves. If you are out of shape the alternate moves will give you one hell of a workout. So don't worry if you can't follow Shaun T.

I burned on average 600 calories per workout (including the 2 to 3 minute cool downs). On a bad day I would burn 500 calories (which was today due to being dead tired).

I absolutely love this workout program! Only 25 minutes a day! P90, P90X, even Insanity, took more time than that! All great workouts, but now that I have my son I do not have nearly as much time to devout to pushing play every day.

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T25 Meal Plan for the Fast Track week

All meals are in the T25 recipe booklets.

Snacks were 100 to 200 calories and meals were 300 calories.

Breakfast: Almond Shakeology Smoothie or Strawberry Shakeology Smoothie.

Lunch: Foil Wrapped Chicken and Potato

Dinner: Chicken and Spinach Salad

Snacks: Trail Mix, Cracker with sliced ham/chicken and cheese, or grapes

T25 Calories Burned

Program Time
Average HR Peak HR Min. HR Calories Burned
9/2/2013 1 Alpha Cardio 27:56:00 159 186 77 573
9/3/2013 2 Alpha Speed 1.0 27:52:00 164 190 85 601
9/4/2013 3 Alpha: Total Body Circuit 28:44:00 174 197 102 682
9/5/2013 4 Alpha: Ab Intervals (forgot to start timer until 5 minutes into the workout) 23:59:00 162 193 122 508
9/6/2013 5 Alpha: Lower Focus 29:11:00 165 193 97 636
9/7/2013 6 Alpha Cardio 27:41:00 169 191 108 628

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