P90X Calories Burned

Title Calories Burned Average Heart Rate Duration Sex Age Body
P90X Back & Biceps, Ab Ripper X Calories Burned 1448 149 72 min. Male 30

Almost 1500 calories burned in just over an hour!!

P90X Cardio X and Ab Ripper X Calories Burned 1074 149 58 min. Male 29

A good workout at 1074 calories burned. I average around a 1000 calories with these two workouts.

P90X Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X Calories Burned 1311 150 70 min. Male 30
P90X Core Synergistics Calories Burned 951 145 54 min. Male 30

The highest I have burned is 1169 calories with a max heart rate of 195. The lowest I've burned during this workout is 861 calories.

P90X Kenpo X Calories Burned 1139 151 59 min. Male 30

I love this workout =D

P90X Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X Calories Burned 1345 150 77 min. Male 29

Every time I do this workout I burn over 1300 calories.

P90X Plyometrics (Plyo X) Calories Burned 1329 169 58 min. Male 30

This was the most I've burned doing Plyo. I average around 1250 calories per workout. The following was right after I drank Amp. It was crazy! I've never had my heart rate that high before.

P90X Shoulders & Arms, Ab ripper x Calories Burned 1287 148 71 min. Male 30

I usually average close to 1300 calories with this workout routine.

P90X Stretch X Calories Burned 491 103 57 min. Male 29

Yes, even with stretching you burn calories!

P90X Yoga X Calories Burned 1089 120 89 min. Male 30

I usually average around 900 to 1100 calories during Yoga.