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Second Insanity Fit Test

I have survived another year! I turn 33 today. Today also marks the beginning of my third week of Insanity. I have completed this workout before on a couple of occasions, the last time was before I married in 2010. Last year I had health issues with Bronchitis for three months, Vestibular neuronitis, and excuses. Now I have a new reason to be healthy and fit. We are expecting at the end of June! From everything I have heard and read, Baby will be a handful and require a lot of energy. Hence, Insanity.


Hell Month in THE ASYLUM

By Steve Edwards

Shaun T. on "Good Morning, America" with Hip Hop Abs!

Shaun T. was on Good Morning America yesterday! He showed GMA’s Tanya Rivero learn how to use the “Tilt, Tuck & Tighten” to sculpt sexy abs.

Insanity Workout


Shaun T pushes you past your limits with plyometric drills on top of strength, power, and resistance intervals, plus ab and core training moves. all you need is an insane mindset to Dig Deeper and get crazy-fit in 60 days. it’s the most intense workout ever put on DVD.

WebMD Insanity Review

Michael Esco, PhD, CSCS of WebMD posted a review on Insanity. Here are some snippets.

The Insanity workouts are highly intense and designed for people who are already in good shape. It is not intended for special-need populations, such as cardiovascular, pulmonary, and metabolic disease patients, diabetics, or obese people, and people with orthopedic limitations. If you are extremely unfit and looking for an “easy fix”, then Insanity is not for you. The program will work best for people who already exercise on a regular basis and are willing to work hard.


Insanity Max Interval Plyo Calories Burned

Almost a 1000 calories burned!!

Insanity Core Cardio & Balance Calories Burned

I've been as low as 455 calories burned when doing this workout. It all depends on how rested I am that day. The following was a good workout.

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